Hometown: Atlanta, GA

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It is with great sadness that we report Mrs. Peck passed away unexpectedly in July, 2011.  She was a wonderful Southern lady who blessed us each greatly.

During her childhood Hilda and her family moved frequently before settling in Atlanta, GA, where she graduated from Girls High. In 1939, she was crowned Miss Atlanta and Miss United States. It was on a promotional tour that she met her husband, Ed, in Florence, SC. Although they were both from Atlanta, they had never met. For a short time Hilda and Ed lived in Florence, then moved to Augusta, GA. In 1946, they moved to Gainesville, FL, where they raised two children. After their first development was completed in Daytona in 1970, they decided to make a permanent move to this area and Hilda obtained her real estate and decorating license. She has decorated the common areas and clubrooms of most of our developments, which have won numerous awards. 

Presently, Hilda is not actively involved with sales, although she is still very involved in the decorating aspect of this business. She has been a member of Junior Woman's Club in Gainesville, FL; earned a badge for 500 volunteer hours from the Alachua General Hospital Auxiliary; served as a member of the Gainesville Junior League and the Daytona Beach Junior League Sustainers; was voted one of Gainesville's Ten Best Dressed; was a member of the Gainesville Women's Golf Association; the Garden Club; the First Baptist Church; and is presently serving as on the Peck Plaza Board of Directors. She also enjoys oil painting. Hilda loves spending time with her two children, five grandchildren and four great-grandchildren when she can.

"My joy in life is being with my immediate family as well as my extended family. With my maiden name being "Williams", I am a proud descendant of The Williams clan originally from West Florida, which has the honor of hosting the largest family reunion. I believe in being a lady at all times and treating others as you would like to be treated". 

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